Our hotel guests play tennis, badminton and padel tennis for free!

This special offer depends on the availability of that particular day. This offer is available for one hour per room and day! It is not applicable to sports groups!

Every following hour costs only 5,00€


„There is nothing better than the moment when you convert the match point and realize that you accomplished your goal.“ (Steffi Graf)

In our house tennis and badminton fans find the perfect conditions. The tennis centre presents seven and the badminton centre five courts- enough room for entertaining and exciting matches. The outdoor court offers the perfect ambiance for a sunny match outside. 2019 a padel court was biult. Why not giving it a try and having some fun?!

Also our local tennis stars like Angelique Kerber, Mona Barthels and Julia Görges pass the mic (or the tennis racket) to each other at exciting tournaments.
And also from 2010 to 2019 one of the worlds best handball teams THW Kiel had their training centre here.