THW Kiel- the all-time champions from the Firth of Kiel

Already the name stris the blood of handball fans all around the world. Emotions, strength and tension- the THW Kiel is considered as an above average team: German record champion, winner of the DHB-cup, winner of the Champions League- sounds good as you read it and even better as you see it.

A home match arouses goosebumps- right from the beginning with the tradiotional ceremony of the running-in of the „Zebras“.

KSV Holsten – Soccer tradition with a long history

The „Storks of Kiel“ as they are called, can look back on a long history: 2011 they celebrated their 111. anniversary. At the time the club was founded, soccer wasn´t considered a serious sport, yet. But the club became very convincing, arousing emotions and excitement during their history: German Champion in 1912- making Kiel a stronghold of soccer. About a 100 years later: walkover in the DFB-Cup: And Kiel goes crazy again.

HIP-Wellsee – trading- and industrial park in Wellsee

Combining forces: The HIP pursues the protection and support of the economical and political interest of the companies located in Wellsee.

Creating networks through collaborations. We are a part of it.