Since the facility is located in the same building as our hotel, you can book your racing experience directly with your hotel booking.

At Eco Kart Kiel every GoKart is fully electrically powered. This results in many advantages that you can only experience at Eco Kart Kiel.

⚡ more speed
⚡ more fun

Unlike ordinary GoKarts with combustion engine, the rear wheels are not driven by a rigid axle. Each rear wheel has its own 2.8 kW electric motor. Since the electric motors are controlled separately depending on the steering wheel angle, you can drive significantly higher cornering speeds on the go-kart track!

⚡ more cornering speed
⚡ more lateral acceleration

Just like in Formula 1, the GoKarts have a kind of KERS system. So you have a “boost button” in your go-kart that provides significantly more power at the right moment.

⚡ more overtaking maneuvers
⚡ more duels

All karts can be controlled fully electronically. This means that several speed levels can be preset so that everyone can race.

⚡ Kids mode from 10 years old
⚡ Adult mode
⚡ Pro mode with up to 31 hp.

Eco Kart Kiel combines the best go-kart experience from two worlds. You combine the driving fun of a GoKart track with the unbridled power of two electric motors that literally catapult your GoKart around the kart track.

The Eco GoKarts are much cleaner, since no fuels or oily greases are used. In addition, you can not burn yourself on the karts, because there are no hot parts -such as an exhaust. Of course, the air quality in the indoor kart track is much better, since there are no exhaust fumes. So Eco Kart Kiel is also suitable for a family outing.